The goal of the CCCE is to identify ways of supporting people, as well as ways to be compassionate toward our environment and the unique landscape that is special to the Esperance region.

The CCCE aims to encourage service providers, businesses, organisations, groups, clubs, families and individuals to work together to create an Esperance that is resilient, responsive and understanding. Everyone benefits from living in a community where the residents look out for others, care for the vulnerable and the environment and show compassion to those who are experiencing hardship or grief.

It is hoped that the CCCE will encourage ordinary people to be part of a dynamic, growing and largely self-organising social movement of volunteers, befrienders, companions, community cafes, compassionate schools, businesses, services, and neighbourhoods.

Encouraging the people of Esperance to take actions that affirm caring for one another not only at times of crisis and loss, but everyday, is everyone's responsibility. It will be great to see the development of the CCCE to help encourage and guide this vision and bring positivity into the community as we celebrate Esperance's Compassionate Community Champions.

In a letter of support from the Shire of Esperance, it was stated, “It would be great to see the development of the ... Compassionate Community Charter” and “We look forward to seeing how the Charter develops through community consultation.”


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    CCCE Launch

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